Aug 17, 2016

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Nov 23, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Hehe... not sure how to start the post...

So I'll start in the middle. (I'm a complicated gal.)

I've had boring appointments, taken the kids to the dr a couple of times and had a trip to the DMV. Exciting stuff. The DMV by far was the best experience. I had to renew my license (two months late, oops). I was in and out in 20 minutes. They asked me if I'd like to renew for four or 8 years. Me being the laziest person in the world, chose the eight year renewal. So I'm good until 2022. Is that a real year? SERIOUSLY??? 2015 is hard for me to comprehend and it's only a little over a month away. That was a shock to the system.

Update on my CI (Cochlear Implant) upgrade- I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! It only took a few days for it to feel like a favorite pair of shoes. Very few issues to be tweeked and music sounds so much better now. I've also been using a gadget called a ComPilot, which works with both hearing aids and CI's. I can pair it via bluetooth to my smart phone and I can listen to music and answer phone calls. (I don't answer phone calls except my dad. Yick. Phones. Don't love them. Text me!) I've never been able to use headphones well, so the Compilot has been fun for music. Overall I'm super happy with the upgrade, it was well worth the struggle with insurance.

Market is keeping me busy. I've had several custom orders over the last few weeks, as well as several sales. I'm all out of king and queen quilts so it's slim pickings lately. I've got lots in the works but time is not on my side. Sometimes I feel like I can work non stop for days with not much to show for it. Other weeks I'll have a ton of finishes (and few pictures because again, I'm a complicated gal!)

I bought this book...

I'm a big Nancy Z fan. If my mom didn't teach me, Nancy Z probably did. I remember being in about 3rd grade and watching her show for the first time on PBS. I remember seeing her and asking my mom why she looked the way she did. It wasn't an insult, I was young and genuinely curious. My mom explained that Nancy had Bell's Palsy and that she was just as normal as she and I were, she just looked a little different.

I remember my mind sort of went *BAM!*I was literally mind blown. Here was a nice lady, with a slight imperfection, on national TV. She wasn't embarrassed or shy about it. She didn't try to hide it. It was there and that was so cool to me. At the time I was trying to hide my hearing aids to fit in. I didn't know anyone else that was deaf.I realized she probably didn't know anyone else with Bell's Palsy either. She didn't need to fit in, instead, she made her own place. In my book, she rocked. I started learning to sew about that time and Nancy continued to inspire me to this day.

Back to the book! The pictures and directions are spot on, and I love her take on modern quilting. Lately I've been really feeling the mod quilting vibe but I haven't jumped in quite yet. I think I may have to start with the "heartbeat" quilt and get my feet wet. I'll let you know how it goes.

I'll see yall later, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oct 24, 2014

Funky Friday

What a week huh? I'm sure it's been as busy for you as it has for us.

Good news- I've received my cochlear implant processor upgrade!

Bad news- I have to get it programmed and that won't happen until Tuesday.

Good news- I'll be able to hear better and I can even get my implant wet!

Bad news- My current processor broke. Communication is hard.

Good news- I've got closed captions and a patient family.

Bad news- I can't go to market tomorrow.

Good news- Paul is going for me!

Bad news- Microwave broke.

Good news- I have a stove.

Bad news- my kids don't use the stove.

Good news- We got a new printer!

Bad news- Need a new laptop.

Good news- ITS FRIDAY YALL!!!!!!!!!!